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about landulla.com

It is here we meet  -  we who believe in cooperation and in helping each other. We share our knowledge, experience and our contacts, whilst having fun together and getting to know each other.

The cooperation partners in this business, are all inspired to be involved and to influence their situation, both work wise and private. To do good for each other and not just benefit themselves.

The aim is to promote the Sustainable Economy and local development, through cooperation between different types of businesses and organisations to find common solutions for the good of society and the individuals.

It was started as an idea in the middle of the 1990's and the first steps to fulfil the idea were created with actors inside and outside the Social Economy, especially in Sweden.

In the beginning of 2006, a network of small entrepreneurs and NGO's from different places around the world was formed, and for which, Ulla Landenmark, an entrepreneur in the area of Sustainable and Social Economy, is the coordinator.

To economize on resources, landulla.com has chosen to work with the concept "kitchen table office". By tradition, the kitchen table is where people always have met to discuss and plan. A meeting point close to everyday life in most countries.