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Tasermiut, South Greenland Expeditions

Tasermiut, South Greenland Expeditions is a small company based in Qassiarsuk, this beautiful settlement in South Greenland. Our goal is to show tourist some hidden places in South Greenland in a different and more personal way: trekking, kayaking, skiing, meeting local people, Northern Lights, etc... We offer tours and excursions, from
1 to 15 days, kayaking among icebergs, trekking in the wild tundra and into the glaciers, skiing in the ice cap, navigating through the fjords with speed boats, ...

Send us an e-mail if you want a specific "expedition"  for your  group!!

Tasermiut, South Greenland Expeditions Aps
B-873 Qassiarsuk
3921 Narsaq
Tel: 00299 665010

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